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Running The Race: A Bible Study Of The Life Of PaulKay Daigle02/19/2022
1. The Impact of A Godly Mother (Ex. 2:1-10)Roger Pascoe09/28/2021
Moses: Significant Events In The Life Of Moses (Expository Sermons On O.T. Characters)Roger Pascoe09/28/2021
10. Famous Last Words (Gen. 46:1-50:26)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
8. The Truth About Reconciliation, Pt. 2: Trust Must Be Earned (Gen. 42:29-44:34)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
7. The Truth About Reconciliation, Pt.1: The Conscience Must Be Activated (Gen. 42:1-28)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
6. From Forgetfulness To Fruitfulness: Joseph’s Rise To Power (Genesis 41:37-57)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
5. Patience Is A Virtue (Gen. 41:1-36)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
4. Responding To Injustice (Gen. 39:20-40:23)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
3. Overcoming Temptation: When Doing What’s Right Can Go So Wrong (Gen. 39:1-20)Roger Pascoe03/12/2021
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Question & Answers:

እንዴት ሀሰተኛ ነብያትን መለየት ይቻላል?
How old was Mary when she had Jesus? I've heard that she was between 12 and 14 years of age. Is that in the Bible?
How did Paul’s imprisonment impact his ministry?
Was Paul married?
Was Melchizedek a theophany or a real man?
How did Aaron (Moses’ brother) survive being slaughtered when Pharaoh killed the first-born sons of Israelites?
Should Christians bestow special honor on Mary?
Should we worship Mary?
Can we pray to Mary?
Does the Bible say anything about Mary being ascended into heaven?
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