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Lesson 2: David and Jonathan

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The second lesson follows the cultivation of the covenantal friendship between David and Jonathan. We all long for self-sacrificing friendships such as theirs. Mrs. Kraft pulls principals of a godly friendship from the story of David and Jonathan, and offers wise counsel on ways in which we can cultivate faithful friendships that mirror God’s loyal love toward us. She refers to Titus 2 to show us a biblical model of inter-generational friendship and mentoring among women.

Study Questions

1 Samuel 18-20

1. Read 1 Samuel 18:1-4. What do you think Jonathan and David have in common that attracted Jonathan? In what ways did he prove his loyalty to David? (19:1-7; 20:1-42; 23:16)

2. What did Jonathan believe about David’s future? How would this affect his own future? What covenant did he make with David? Why did he ask this? Describe Jonathan’s character.

3. Why do you think we need friends? What is special about the friendships of women? List the qualities that you look for in a friend? Are you that kind of friend to others? What are you willing to do or sacrifice for a friend? How do you need to improve?

4. Read 1 Samuel18:5-30. What made David popular with the people and the army? What effect did his popularity have on Saul? What did he begin to suspect? (15:27-29)

5. Read 1 Samuel 13:8-14; 15:2-3, 17-23. Why did God reject Saul? What do Saul’s responses tell us about his character?

6. Read 1 Samuel 17:25; 18:17-30; 25:44. Did Saul keep his promise? How did he try to use his son and daughters to get rid of David? Why did he give Michal to another man, even though she was married?

7. Have you ever tried to avoid or escape what you knew for certain was God’s will for you? What was the result? Do you need to confess this as sin and submit to God’s will in a specific area?

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