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Lesson 4: David and Abigail

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One of the most disappointing and devastating circumstances that faces women is to be unhappily married. In this lecture, Mrs. Kraft draws many wise applications from events in the life of Abigail (whose name means “source of joy”). She was a beautiful, intelligent woman married to a mean, miserable, selfish man, Nabal (whose name means “fool”). She lived to please God, and God made her life significant. Abigail provided food for David and six hundred men through her wise and resourceful actions, also saving the lives of all the men in her household from David’s murderous rampage. Upon Nabal’s death, Abigail became David’s wife.

Mrs. Kraft counsels women not to let difficulties control their life and retard their spiritual growth. The effect on your character will be determined by your response. Anger that leads to impulsive actions is destructive. Rely on God to take retribution for an offense or to bring about good from the bad situation. Draw strength from the Holy Spirit, feed on God’s Word, and keep in constant communion with God through prayer. By faith we develop a heart for God.

Study Questions

1 Samuel 25-26

1. Read 1 Samuel 25:1-44. Why was David’s request reasonable? What did Nabal’s answer indicate about himself? About his view of David? About his concern for his household?

2. Was David’s reaction reasonable? What did he intend to do? (v. 13, 33, 34) Why do you think he was so angry?

3. Do you think Abigail was unsubmissive and rebellious when she did what Nabal refused to do? What was her reason for her actions?

4. What did it take for Abigail to face an angry warrior and his 400 men? How would you describe the way she appealed to David? What does she focus on? What could she have said instead?

5. What does she say to encourage David’s faith? What does David’s response to a woman’s counsel tell us about him? Why did she wait till the next morning to tell Nabal?

6. Do you think submission means not giving advice to your husband? What do we learn from her about giving advice to a man?

7. Read 1 Samuel 26:1-25. In view of 1 Samuel 24:20, why do think Saul still sought to kill David? What principle controlled his actions towards Saul? What did that imply?

8. What did David try to prove by going down into the camp to take Saul’s spear and jug? What was Saul’s response? Do you think David would have been safe if he had gone back with Saul?

9. Do you have the courage to do what you know is right in God’s eyes even when your closest friends advise otherwise?

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