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Lesson 5: David and Saul

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When we allow fear to discourage, demotivate, and paralyze us, we quit trusting God and go out on our own. Our wrong thoughts lead to wrong actions. In this lecture, Mrs. Kraft directs our attention to such behavior by David, as he (like us) fluctuates between great faith and panic. Panic led him to worldly strategies, which led him away from God. In association with Saul’s consulting the witch at Endor, Mrs. Kraft strongly cautions against dabbling with the occult.

When David turned back to God, God sustained him, welcomed him, and encouraged him. Each of us must examine our hearts to see whether we have gone our own way and need to turn back toward the Lord. We must turn back if we’re going to develop a heart for God.

Study Questions

1 Samuel 28:3-31; 31:1-13

1. Read 1 Samuel 28. What was Saul’s emotional response when he saw the Philistine army? Why do you think the Lord would not answer him when he asked him for guidance? (Isaiah 59:1-2) When you sense that your fellowship with God is broken, what should you do?

2. What did the Law say about mediums and spiritists? (Leviticus 19:31; 20:6, 27) What was the penalty? What had Saul done with them previously? Why did he turn to one now?

3. Why do you think the medium cried out when Samuel appeared? Why did Saul say he called for Samuel?

4. What message did Samuel give him? How did that news affect Saul? How did the medium show compassion for him?

5. Read 1 Samuel 31. How did Saul’s sons die? How did Saul die? How did the Philistines mutilate and display their bodies? How did the men of Jabesh Gilead show them honor and respect?

6. Read Deuteronomy 18:9-22. What does God consider every occult method of determining the future? Who were his people to get guidance from? How would they be able to tell a false prophet from a true one?

7. How does God guide His children today? How can we be sure we are doing what is right? If someone calls himself a prophet, how do we test whether he is genuine?

8. Have you ever been involved or dabbled in the occult, e.g., Ouija boards, fortune telling, astrology, séances, psychics, games, etc.? It’s a very serious thing for a believer to do any of these things, because it gives Satan a foothold in your life. If you have done so, confess it as sin and never do it again.

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