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For Such a Time as This: Women of the Bible Who Made an Impact



God uses ordinary women to impact the lives of others so that their Creator can use them as He designed.
That's the story of this study: God using ordinary women to impact the world. Just as God raised up Esther to act in a particular time in history for His purposes, so He has raised us up as women in our day to make an impact for His kingdom.
From participants and leaders of the study:
I really enjoyed learning more about the women of the Bible and God's timing & work through them. I learned God can use me, too!
Each lesson helped me focus on areas of my life that need work. Overall I'm more focused on God and His will for my life and more aware of areas of my life where I have potential for growth.
It was exciting to see how these women displayed the traits of obedience, submissiveness, graciousness, and worshipfulness even in difficult circumstances. God was intimately involved in their lives, orchestrating and unfolding His Kingdom purposes, just as He is today, if we but seek and follow.


Focus passages:
Lesson 1: Deborah and Jael
Lesson 2: Ruth
Lesson 3: Hannah
Lesson 4: Abigail
Lesson 5: The Widow of Zarephath
Lesson 6: Esther, Part I
Lesson 7: Esther, Part II
Lesson 8: Esther, Part III
Lesson 9: Mary, the mother of
Lesson 10: Mary of Bethany
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