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Cultural Issues

Date Title Name
2017-10-23 Creative Coping In A Fallen World Women's Leaders...
2017-10-06 Q. As a Christian, should I attend a same-sex union? Bob Deffinbaugh
2017-09-19 Q. Is the confrontation between Paul and Peter in Galatians 2 before or after the Jerusalem Council? Bob Deffinbaugh
2016-09-30 21. มัทธิว บทเรียนที่ 21 “ทำไมพระเยซูไม่ปรับไปตามที่มนุษย์คาดหวัง หรือ ทำไมพระเยซูเลี้ยงฉลองในขณะที่คนอื่นๆอดอาหาร (มัทธิว 9:1-17) Bob Deffinbaugh
2016-09-07 Transgender: Truth and Compassion Alan Shlemon
2016-09-07 4. Proverbs and Politics Bob Deffinbaugh
2016-07-08 13. “เกลือหยิบหนึ่งในตำหรับการข่มเหง” (มัทธิว 5:13-16) Colin McDougall
2016-05-18 Lesson 24 Submissive Wives—Really? (Colossians 3:18) Steven J. Cole
2016-04-28 The Blind Faith of Atheism Craig Biehl
2016-03-31 同性戀:按聖經教導的基督教觀點 Tony Tucci
2016-03-31 同性恋:按圣经教导的基督教观点 Tony Tucci
2015-12-04 Is It Okay to Complain Against God? Craig Biehl
2015-09-09 A Reformation the Church Doesn’t Need: Answering Revisionist Pro-Gay Theology—Part II Greg Koukl
2015-08-25 3. The Success of Sinners and Suffering of the Saints (Psalm 73) Bob Deffinbaugh
2015-07-27 The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage: 6 Common but Mistaken Claims Darrell L. Bock
2015-07-16 2. For King Or Country: Where Does Our Hope Lie? (Psalm 47 ) Jeff Horch
2015-07-15 How, Then, Shall We Live? Bob Deffinbaugh
2015-07-15 1. Introduction—How, Then, Shall We Live? (Luke 22:31-38) Bob Deffinbaugh
2015-07-06 A Reformation the Church Doesn’t Need: Answering Revisionist Pro-Gay Theology—Part I Greg Koukl
2015-07-01 9 Responses to the Supreme Court, Same Sex Marriage, and Christians admin
2015-02-18 Lesson 98: The Tragic End of Materialism (Luke 16:19-31) Daniel Bennett
2014-12-01 Executive Action and The Coming of Christ Bob Deffinbaugh
2014-11-03 Lesson 50: Give to Caesar What is Caesar’s (Matthew 22:15-22) David Anderson
2014-10-31 The Line In The Sand Greg Koukl
2014-10-31 Studying Jesus As History John Winterson ...
2014-10-09 Bible History And Archaeology: An Outline Homer Heater Jr.
2014-09-03 Naturalism: Bumping Into Reality Greg Koukl
2014-07-03 God, Evolution, and Morality, Part II Greg Koukl
2014-05-12 How to Respond to Claims Jesus Is a “Copycat Savior” J. Warner Wallace
2014-05-08 God, Evolution, and Morality, Part I Greg Koukl
2014-04-24 Is God Real? The Bacterial Flagellum and the Divine Design Inference J. Warner Wallace
2014-04-14 O Homossexualismo na Visão Bíblico-Cristã Tony Tucci
2014-04-02 14. God Conquers Cultural Conformity (Judges 19:1-20:11) Jeffrey E. Miller
2014-03-19 Thanks for the M̶e̶m̶o̶r̶i̶e̶s̶ Reminders Bill Hendricks
2014-03-05 Where Was God? Greg Koukl
2014-01-23 Lesson 40: God’s Time or Man’s Time? (John 7:1-13) Steven J. Cole
2014-01-21 6. Amy Carmichael—A Portrait of Sacrifice Susie Hawkins
2014-01-02 Unstringing The Violinist Greg Koukl
2013-12-10 Sinhala-- 1 Peter Steven J. Cole
2013-11-25 The Time of Jesus’ Death and Inerrancy: Is Harmonization Plausible? James Davis