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Running the Race: Lessons from the Life of Paul for Today's Woman

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Lessons from the Life of Paul—what a daunting topic! The more I looked at the scriptures, the more I knew that we could not possibly cover the breadth of the material on his life and his work. Thus, I had to focus on some part of the scriptures that would speak to us as women of the twenty-first century. For those of you who desire to study it all with as much detail as possible, I understand; I would love to do the same! But for the average woman, I hope the amount of work will be challenging but not overwhelming!

When I taught school, I knew that it would be a great mistake to teach to the lowest-achieving child. My job was to challenge and hope that some of that group would catch a vision for learning. My hope and prayer for you is the same. I know that some of you tend to just show up without having spent time in God’s word for yourself. Please continue to come even when you have not done the work for yourself. But my prayer is that you begin to desire a daily relationship with the God of the universe who speaks to you personally through his word. I hope that you begin to be challenged by the insights of those in your group and want that same kind of excitement from hearing from God for yourself.

I pray that we all are overwhelmed by the focus of the apostle Paul, a focus on serving God’s kingdom in all of life that directed all that he did. He had the same kind of focus required by runners who succeed over a long distance.

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