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Lesson 11: The Men Who Had Connections With God (Ezekiel 14:12-20)Steven Cole09/12/2013
Lesson 10: The Man Who Rejoiced in Spite of an Invasion (Habakkuk 1-3)Steven Cole09/12/2013
Lesson 9: The Man Who Bought Property In A War Zone (Jeremiah 32:1-25)Steven Cole09/12/2013
Lesson 8: The Man Who Cried For God to Come Down (Isaiah 63:15-64:12)Steven Cole09/12/2013
Lesson 7: The Man Who Won a War Without Fighting (2 Chronicles 20:1-30)Steven Cole09/12/2013
Lesson 6: The Man Who Saw the Unseen (2 Kings 6:8-23)Steven Cole09/12/2013
Lesson 5: The Man Who Prayed About the Weather (1 Kings 17-19 and James 5:16b-18)Steven Cole09/12/2013
Lesson 4: The Man Who Was Always Singing (Psalm 18 [2 Samuel 22])Steven Cole09/11/2013
Lesson 3: The Man Who Caused God To Repent (Exodus 32:7-14, 30-35; 33:1-6, 12-17)Steven Cole09/11/2013
Lesson 2: The Man Who Bargained With God (Genesis 18:16-33)Steven Cole09/11/2013
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Question & Answers:

The issue of contemplative prayer has come up in our church, and has been a concern of mine. Could you help?
Is it true that it one has unconfessed sin in their life, that God does not answer ones prayers?
How should we pray for unbelievers since God sovereignly elects people?
What does the Bible say about praying for the dead?
Is it necessary to pray people will respond to the gospel if God has determined they will?
Is “praise intercession” Biblical?
Is it ok to pray to dead saints?
Why do people say, “In Jesus’ name” when they finish praying?
Do the number of people praying for a particular subject have an effect?
Does prayer alter the outcome of circumstances?
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