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Q. How Can You Dismiss Speaking In Tongues From Romans 8:18-27?Bob Deffinbaugh02/28/2022
Q. Should an Unbeliever Partake of Communion?Bob Deffinbaugh02/05/2021
Q. What does the Bible say to the church, and to the individual Christian, about the role of politics in the church?Bob Deffinbaugh01/08/2021
Q. Can you give me some guidance on planning my funeral?Bob Deffinbaugh08/01/2020
Death By RelevanceCraig Biehl06/10/2020
Q. Is it right for a pastor to ignore church discipline? What should be done?Bob Deffinbaugh03/06/2020
Q. Is “Volunteers” A Good Term For Non-Paid Workers?Bob Deffinbaugh02/21/2020
Q. Living Together And Marriage?Bob Deffinbaugh01/30/2020
Testing Tongues (Selected Scriptures)Steven Cole01/10/2020
Q. Must an Elder’s Children Be Believers?Bob Deffinbaugh08/26/2019
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Question & Answers:

እንዴት ሀሰተኛ ነብያትን መለየት ይቻላል?
Regarding Galatians 3:28 and the "priesthood of the believer", why can't women be priests/ministers as well?
Can you please provide scripture and doctrine that explain whether our pastor can still be a pastor and church leader if he is being sued with regards to an affair he had over 10 years ago?
Should a church change the title from "deacon" to "coordinator"?
Can or should a Pastor who has been divorced by his wife continue in his role as pastor, even if the divorce was unbiblical?
Can I be a Pastor even though my wife was previously married and divored?
I gave money to a church for a building project that never happened. I asked for my money back and they told me it was gone. What can I do?
Is there any truth to my impression that if someone doesn't attend a leading seminary you can't really progress in scholarship? Does a person have to have a doctorate to be considered a scholar?
On the plurality of elders, does the popular practice of designating the presiding elder as the pastor have scriptural support?
In light of 1 Tim 2:12, when Paul states that women should not teach or exercise authority over men, do you feel that women should not preach in church, other than to a group of women or children? How about young men teaching?
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