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Fall Forward in Women's Ministry

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Fall is the perfect time for a change of seasons in Women’s Ministry. A fresh approach may be in order. Let’s not just fill the church calendar with “stuff” and “fluff,” but strategically plan for a meaningful year of ministry. If you have been doing the “same ole, same ole” for years, i.e.…a ladies retreat, fall Bible studies and a Saturday Special, just the status quo -- then STOP! It’s time to re-evaluate the ministry. Ask yourself and your Leadership Team some important questions:

    1. Is this ministry having a significant spiritual impact?

    2. Are women growing in their relationship with the Lord?

    3. Are women sharing Christ with others?

    4. How can we improve and expand?

    5. Are there new ministries that need to be developed?

Perhaps your ministry is offering “things” that no one needs or answering questions that no one is asking. As you plan to minister to women this fall consider some new ideas, fresh perspectives, and a different approach. Challenge women to move to the next level. Most women will gladly stretch to the higher place and a deeper walk with the Lord. Your Women’s Ministry should be loaded with opportunities and avenues for them to accomplish just that.


Some suggestions for a thriving ministry this fall might include some of the following…and don’t say “we’ve never done that before”…. (That’s the whole point!)

Meet with the Lord and the Leadership Team

  • PULL AWAY – Take the team away for some extended time with the Lord. (This could be for a retreat, an overnight meeting, or in your home for a morning or afternoon – no interruptions. The Lord will need your undivided attention.)
  • PRAY! Ask the Lord what He would like to accomplish. What do you think He wants to do with the women in your church? Beseech Him to make His plans and desires known.
  • PASSION – Revive it! Renew your commitment to the Lord and to the ministry. No longer settle for status quo. Good enough is NOT good enough any more.
  • PRIORITIZE – Organize revelations, instructions, thoughts and ideas to prepare for meaningful ministry. What’s most important? What can be implemented immediately?
  • PLAN – Brainstorm -- Find ways and plan events that set in motion the direction the Lord wants to go. Is there a new ministry that needs to be launched, i.e., Widows' Ministry, Nursing Home, Mentoring, Ladies' Retreat, Community Outreach, Evangelism Effort, Marriage Emphasis, Missions, Prayer Ministry, a new Bible study that teaches women "How To Study God’s Word."

Meet with the Women

  • COMMUNICATE – Ask women what is the greatest need in their lives at present. A survey or Saturday brunch would be a great way to find out what the needs are; then offer ministry efforts to meet the needs. Be sure they know you are serious about improving and expanding ministry. Your newfound energy and enthusiasm will be contagious. Be excited about the days ahead. They may be the best days of ministry you’ve ever experienced.
  • CONNECT – Give women opportunities to build meaningful relationships with one another, but more importantly with their Lord. If you have a fall retreat, be sure the purpose is much more than fun and fellowship. Teach the women something they did not know.
  • CHALLENGE – Always, always, always stretch and reach for new heights. Provide opportunities for women to grow. Encourage them to make the necessary changes in priorities, help them find their God-given passion and purpose, help them know the Lord better; they will love you for it! All of these things have a significant spiritual impact and can be done successfully through the events you plan. So Fall Forward in Ministry!

Some new ideas and themes for ministry events might be:

  • Friday Night Friendship Connection – Help assimilate new members and build relationships. It’s a perfect opportunity to invite neighbors and friends from work. Plan something fun, like creative icebreakers. LifeWay has a helpful book by Serendipity House entitled Icebreakers and Heart Warmers.
  • Common Grounds Café – Teach women how to find “common grounds” with others to share Christ effectively and naturally. Serve flavored coffee and dessert.
  • Pool Party: Dive into Bible Study – Use the summer to promote and encourage women to attend the fall Bible study. Display the resources, meet the teachers, have some testimonies. Serve hamburgers and hotdogs at the swim club. It’s a great outreach/community event.
  • “If The Shoe Fits…” Ladies Retreat – Teach women 2 or 3 basic Bible study techniques; ensure they know how to walk with the Lord.

I could go on an on about ministry events and places to get ideas. But you need to know the VERY BEST place to get great ideas and creative themes … get your pen … you need to know this …. IT’S THE LORD! He has the best thoughts about ministry to women. Ask Him!

Now, not only have you begun a new season of ministry, you have just launched a new season of life for women. I think the Lord is pleased, don’t you?

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