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Lesson 11: Become a Grace-GiverMelanie Newton12/11/2013
The Gifts of ChristmasMelanie Newton12/02/2013
Lesson 3: The Samaritan Woman (John 4)Vickie Kraft11/05/2013
7. Our Eternal Endowments (Luke 16:1-9)Jeff Miller10/31/2013
Lesson 29: The Witnesses to Jesus (John 5:30-40)Steven Cole10/18/2013
Lesson 24: The Witnesses God Uses (John 4:27-42)Steven Cole10/10/2013
Lesson 23: The Priority of True Worship (John 4:23-24)Steven Cole10/10/2013
Lesson 8: Friends Bring Friends to Jesus (John 1:35-51)Steven Cole10/08/2013
Lesson 7: Who is Jesus? (John 1:29-34)Steven Cole10/08/2013
Lesson 8: The Man Who Cried For God to Come Down (Isaiah 63:15-64:12)Steven Cole09/12/2013
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Question & Answers:

Our pastor recently stopped doing an altar-call / invitation at the end of the services. Is this biblical?
I'm only 15, and am a believing Christian... my problem is that I'd like to wear a crucifix around my neck, and I know that most Christians do, anyway, but is this considered idol-worship..?
What was meant by the phrase: “Do the work of an evangelist”?
Would you consider evangelism to be a teaching gift?
Where is the instruction to the church to pursue or pray for a revival?
Can we blame poor evangelism when people’s fail to believe in Christ?
How should we pray for unbelievers since God sovereignly elects people?