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Discipleship/Evangelism Commission

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    The Discipleship Commission helps to establish those in our church body through evangelism and discipleship.

    Training in evangelism equips individuals to help fulfill the Great Commission. Organized discipleship groups help believers to mature in their Christian faith, with the specific goal of going on to invest their lives in others.


    This commission shall be made up of a chairman appointed by the Board of Elders and additional members needed to fulfill the needs of this commission. Regular meetings will be held at the designated times each month when all of the commissions meet. Other meetings, when necessary, will be arranged.


    General Areas

    (1) The assigned elder and the commission chairman will guide the direction and spiritual quality of this commission through guidance, example, and prayer.

    (2) Assure that adequate records are maintained on all first-time visitors and former visitors.

    (3) Prospects provided by individuals or groups should also be included in these records. Also, assure that all visitors are contacted by appropriate individuals in a timely and orderly fashion.

    Specific Areas

    (1) Supervision and oversight of the discipleship evangelism training ministry.

    (2) Coordination of discipleship groups.

    (3) Oversight of men’s and women’s ministries.

    (4) Provision of gospel tracts for church use. Coordinate the purchasing of additional tracts when necessary.

    (5) Coordination of counseling of new believers. Especially those responding during a church service.

    (6) Coordination of new believer follow-up. To be done in concert with the Deaconate.

    (7) Oversight of the Foundations for Christian Living class: To be done in concert with the C.E. Commission. This class is designed for new believers or those wanting a refresher course of the basics to the Christian faith.

    (8) Development of an annual budget. To be presented to the Stewardship Commission.

    (9) Preparation of an annual activities report. This will be incorporated as part of the Board of Elder's annual report to the congregation.

    (10) Coordination with the church calendar planner for scheduling events.

    (11) Publicity of activities and planned events.

    (12) Keep the pastoral staff informed of scheduled activities.

Areas Needing Approval of Elder Board

    (1) Appointment of chairperson.

    (2) Budget expenditures outside of approved budget and over the established guidelines.

Relationship with Other Ministries

    (1) The Board of Elders and other commissions.

    (2) The facilities commission for coordination as to the utilization of rooms and equipment (VCR, overhead projectors, etc.) for classes and other meetings that the commission feels a need for.

    (3) Be aware of other community evangelistic thrusts in which we might want to participate; e.g., the Billy Graham Telephone Counseling ministry, city-wide crusades, area training seminars, Campus Crusade for Christ ministries, The Navigator's ministry, etc.

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