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2017-09-28 Q. How are the Nephilim/giants mentioned in Scripture after the flood to be understood if one of the reasons of the flood was to destroy that unholy mixture of demons and the daughters of men recorded in Genesis 6? Bob Deffinbaugh
2017-09-22 Q. What is the best Bible translation? Bob Deffinbaugh
2015-05-01 The Reliability Of Kings And Chronicles Michael Gleghorn
2015-02-03 Abbreviations and Introduction to Principal Manuscript Evidence for the Greek New Testament (As found in the NET Bible footnotes) admin
2013-12-03 As For Me Richard D. Patterson
2011-05-24 Appendix 4: Brief Definitions Of Greek Grammatical Terms Bob Utley
2010-05-11 Ki/gar and waw/kai are often markers and not words to be translated Fred Karlson
2009-07-07 Romans 2:27 in the NET Bible Daniel B. Wallace
2009-06-23 Why doesn't the translation of the genitive in Mark 11:22 use the word of? How is theology used to translate this verse? Daniel B. Wallace
2009-04-27 In what language did the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus happen? Daniel B. Wallace
2009-02-02 Did the Original New Testament Manuscripts still exist in the Second Century? Daniel B. Wallace
2009-01-22 What Is the Primary Meaning of Baptism? Some Translational Difficulties Fred Karlson
2009-01-21 Did the Original New Testament Manuscripts still exist in the Second Century? Daniel B. Wallace
2008-09-09 NET, NIV, ESV: A Brief Historical Comparison Daniel B. Wallace
2008-08-25 Five Old Fragments of the Greek New Testament Daniel B. Wallace
2008-04-15 8. Did Some Disciples Take Notes During Jesus’ Ministry? James M. Arlandson
2008-03-19 7. Translations Sid Litke
2008-01-16 List of Cited Works in the NET Bible admin
2007-10-01 Patmos 2007 Expedition Daniel B. Wallace
2007-08-15 Infinitives in Aconjunctive Structural Parallel in the NT: What Do They Mean? Daniel B. Wallace
2007-08-15 Mengasihi Alkitab admin
2006-11-28 NET Bible Reader's Edition - Glossary of Terms admin
2006-04-21 The Secret Gospel of Keith (Humorous Satire) Multiple Authors
2006-04-17 I heard you were involved in the NET Bible translation. How would you say it differs from the NASB? Benjamin Wallace
2006-02-20 Do Gender Sensitive Translations Distort Scripture? Not Necessarily Darrell L. Bock
2005-08-03 Why So Many Translations? The Present State of English Bible Translation Michael H. Burer
2005-04-29 ¿Porqué Hay Tantas Versiones? Daniel B. Wallace
2005-04-28 La conspiración detrás de las nuevas traducciones de la Biblia Daniel B. Wallace
2005-04-19 4. Mengapa Begitu Banyak Versi? Daniel B. Wallace
2005-04-19 1. Dari Wycliffe sampai King James (Masa Tantangan) Daniel B. Wallace
2005-04-19 2. Masanya King James (Masa Keelokan) Daniel B. Wallace
2005-04-19 3. Dari KJV sampai RV (Dari Elok ke Akurat) Daniel B. Wallace
2005-03-30 NET Biblija® Predgovor admin
2005-03-30 Principi prevođenja admin
2004-06-30 Sharp Redivivus? - A Reexamination of the Granville Sharp Rule Daniel B. Wallace
2004-06-29 Did Priscilla “Teach” Apollos? An Examination of the Meaning of ἐκτίθημι in Acts 18:26 Daniel B. Wallace
2004-06-29 Irony in the End: A Textual and Literary Analysis of Mark 16:8 Kelly Iverson
2004-06-24 Junia Among the Apostles: The Double Identification Problem in Romans 16:7 Daniel B. Wallace
2004-05-28 The New World Translation and Christologically Significant Article-Substantive-<FONT FACE="Greek">Kaiv</font> J. Ed Komoszewski