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Old Testament

Date Title Name
2021-05-11 Q. Don’t You Think You Are Overly Harsh In Your Description Of Jacob As A Rascal? After All, God Greatly Blessed Him, And Made Him The Father Of The Nation Israel. Bob Deffinbaugh
2020-03-02 Q. Why does Abraham appear to be so cruel as to send Ishmael away with little food, facing the likelihood of death? Bob Deffinbaugh
2020-02-24 3. How To Read The Old Testament Bob Deffinbaugh
2020-02-24 2. Good Reasons For Reading The Old Testament Bob Deffinbaugh
2020-02-24 1. Bad Reasons Not to Read the Old Testament Bob Deffinbaugh
2020-02-24 No More Excuses: Read Your Old Testament! Bob Deffinbaugh
2015-11-20 The Promise of the Gospel Daniel Bennett
2014-11-12 The Old Testament Prophets: An Outline Homer Heater Jr.
2013-07-19 Lesson 98: Why You Need the Old Testament (Romans 15:4) Steven J. Cole
2013-07-03 The Canaanites: Genocide Or Judgment? Greg Koukl
2013-01-02 The Old Testament (Chronological, 52 week) David Colburn
2012-04-10 The 7 C's Of A Firm Foundation Melanie Newton
2012-03-07 3. Introduction to the Old Testament Kenneth Boa
2012-03-07 4. Introduction to the Pentateuch Kenneth Boa
2010-04-20 1. Hope from the Old Testament (Romans 15:1-13) Bob Deffinbaugh
2010-04-05 Exodus Bill McRae
2010-04-05 6. Petateuch Review: Genesis - Deuteronomy Overview of the Books of the Law Bill McRae
2009-10-07 The Dead Sea Scrolls Patrick Zukeran
2009-09-04 Authority of the Bible Patrick Zukeran
2009-07-16 3B. Dreams Remembered Lecture Kay Daigle
2009-04-28 5. Summary of Old Testament Teachings on Divorce and Re-Marriage William Luck
2009-02-02 Concise Old Testament Survey J. Hampton Keat...
2007-02-16 12. Israel's Failure at Kadesh Barnea (Numbers 10:11-14:45) Bob Deffinbaugh
2006-04-07 The Divine Plan From Paradise to Paradise Allen Ross
2004-08-24 5. Balaam, Part I (Numbers 22:1-35) Bob Deffinbaugh
2004-06-23 Selected Bibliography of Leviticus David Malick