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David Colburn

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In my 30's the Lord led me through some changes and challenges, and despite my resistance, He broke through and I finally came to faith in 1990.  The Lord led me to transfer from my then-current masters studies at the State university to the seminary where I earned my masters in counseling and completed 2/3 of a MDiv.  I was then led to transfer the MDiv to a degree-completion progam at another seminary where I was persuaded to enter the doctorate program.  There I earned a doctorate of ministry in church leadership with an emphasis in spiritual formation (discipleship).

The Lord has allowed me to serve in various roles in various fellowships, traditional and house church, as well as an administrator and adjunct professor with a Bible college.  He has also given me a wonderful wife and three fine children.

I have been on a self-imposed tentmaking-supported writing sabbatical for most of the past two years, interrupted by a major move, construction in two-phases of a new home, a six-month interim, and the usual life events in this fallen world.

The Lord has led me to develop a practical Bible study through the New and Old Testaments.  As it is edited to meet quality standards sections of that work are being posted.  It is more of a survey of major events and teaching than a scholarly work.  It includes discussion items and challenges to stimulate self-reflection and action.  A chronological study of the Gospels is being prepared for publication.

Areas of Service:

  • Pastor (Other)
  • Sunday School / Bible Study Leader