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Choose The Life Journey

The Choose The Life Journey is a clear and well marked path to spiritual transformation. Author and former Pastor Bill Hull has been there - saw that his attempts to lead people into transformation weren’t working as well as he desired. This frustration took him on a journey of transformation he now shares with you. The Journey for the Pastor and Church community has three parts (more below):

  1. Change Direction
  2. Change Mind
  3. Change Behavior

The following resources are also available to assist you or your group:

  • About Choose the Life
  • Bill Hull Blog.
  • Podcasts of Choose The Life messages from Bill Hull are also available.
  • A brochure about The Choose The Life Journey to share with others.
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Change Direction

The Journey begins with Bill talking about the brokenness that led him to a new realization of an old truth: that full churches are not necessarily full of disciples and that transformation is what matters. The purpose of the sessions is to identify those who are enthusiastic about the call to the life of discipleship. The messages are designed to introduce the issues that will enflame the heart. Here is how to begin:

This part of The Journey is designed for Church and group leaders who watch and engage with the six Change Direction messages. This can be accomplished by viewing the DVD session by session and discussing it together over a period of weeks. It can also be very effective in a retreat setting. Watch online or purchase the DVD for a group setting and download the accompanying notes.

Change Mind

Once the ground work is laid, and there is interest in moving ahead, the leadership can invite participation from the congregation. Participants are invited to Choose The Life of following Christ with more intentional study. As participants begin to open their minds they will read and engage with the book Choose The Life, Exploring A Faith That Embraces Discipleship over 10 weeks. Participants will use a daily guide A Disciples Guide To Choose The Life that explains, challenges, and redefines such crucial issues as faith, grace, and even the gospel itself. Participants then gather together once a week to discuss the questions and share their journey with one another. Each weekly session is introduced by a 10-15 minute video message from Bill Hull challenging the participants to rethink what it means to be Christian.

Church leaders are encouraged to implement the resources as they see best in their community. We've seen the best results from Churches that commit together including Sunday morning teaching, brochures, getting the church buzz going and encouraging every member to participate through an existing or new small group structure.

Change Behavior

Complete the journey and become a transformed disciple of Jesus. Transformation requires an act of the will followed by repeated action which in turn creates new habits that form character.

Experience The Life : Making The Jesus Way A Habit- is a new 30 week curriculum to facilitate lasting Spiritual Transformation. It will challenge you simply and change you deeply.

It takes time to create new habits. Repetition is essential, but most people will only repeat what they can understand and what can be done with others. That is why the maxim opportunity for congregational transformation is the use of Experience The Life, Making The Jesus Way A Habit. With five modules, each 6 weeks long, Experience The Life takes people where they need to go for transformation to take place. It gives definition to the often evasive actions that are necessary to become like Jesus.

  • Module 1. Believe As Jesus Believed: transformed mind
  • Module 2. Live As Jesus Lived: transformed character
  • Module 3. Love As Jesus Loved: transformed relationships
  • Module 4. Minister As Jesus Ministered: transformed service
  • Module 5. Lead As Jesus Led: transformed influence

It is recommended that the congregation do this together over a one year to eighteen month period. Each module includes a Student Guidebook and a DVD with six,10 minute video messages from Bill Hull and Paul Mascarella (thus 5 Guidebooks and 5 DVD's form the full Experience The Life curriculum). The Student Guidebooks each have a common Lectio Divina theme:

  • Daily Devotional Guide
  • Prayer for the day
  • Core Thought
  • Scripture memory
  • Prayer
  • Journaling
  • Doing the Discipline
  • A Daily habit of relating to Scripture
    • Read it
    • Think it
    • Pray it
    • Live it
  • A weekly meeting where group discusses, prays, and watched DVD
  • A day of rest each week

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