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Experience The Life

Experience The Life : Making The Jesus Way A Habit - is a new 30 week curriculum to facilitate lasting Spiritual Transformation. It will challenge you simply and change you deeply.

Experience The Life is the Change Behavior portion of The Choose The Life Journey.

It takes time to create new habits. Repetition is essential, but most people will only repeat what they can understand and what can be done with others. That is why the maximum opportunity for congregational transformation is the use of Experience The Life, Making The Jesus Way A Habit. With five modules, each 6 weeks long, Experience The Life takes people where they need to go for transformation to take place. It gives definition to the often evasive actions that are necessary to become like Jesus.

Experience The Life Curriculum: (see the complete Experience The Life Curriculum Index)

It is recommended that the congregation or groups do this together over a one year to eighteen month period. Each module includes a Student Guidebook and a DVD with six,10 minute video messages from Bill Hull and Paul Mascarella (thus 5 Guidebooks and 5 DVD's form the full Experience The Life curriculum). The Student Guidebooks each have a common Lectio Divina theme:

  • Daily Devotional Guide
  • Prayer for the day
  • Core thought
  • Scripture memory
  • Prayer
  • Journaling
  • Doing the discipline
  • A Daily habit of relating to scripture
    • Read it
    • Think it
    • Pray it
    • Live it
  • A weekly meeting where group discusses, prays, and watches DVD
  • A day of rest each week

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