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Lesson 33: Tragedy and Triumph (Luke 7:11-17)

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The tragedy of death is a reality of life. It is a completely hopeless occurrence if we face it apart from the One who has power over it. Pastor Daniel helps us to understand this truth by sharing the central idea that, “Death is terrible, tragic, and—because of our triumphant Christ—temporary.” A woman who had lost her only son to this universal tragedy was in an especially difficult place: she was a widow who had lost her only son, the man in her life that would have taken care of her in years to come. Jesus did the impossible for this woman by reversing death and giving her the gift she never could have imagined receiving. As we observe this story, we get to see this reversal develop. There is at first “the sorrow of sin” with its terrible and varied effects. But then comes “the compassion of Christ” that reminds us of how we do not face our sorrow alone. Following this, “the greatness of God” is evidenced through our death-defeating Savior. And finally there comes “the confession of the crowd” wherein we ourselves are challenged to make up our minds concerning how we will respond to the Lord.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

Related Topics: Cultural Issues, Hamartiology (Sin), Resurrection, Soteriology (Salvation)

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