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9. Angels: "Ministering Spirits"

The Article: Angels, God's Ministering Spirits


This article is designed as a beginning approach to this whole area of study—an area of study that has promoted no little discussion these days. The author will discuss the important truth that angels are created spirit beings who are answerable to God. Not all angels, however, maintained their status as holy and obedient. Some rebelled.

Therefore, the article will discuss the good or holy angels as well as the wicked or fallen angels. The ministry of good angels includes such roles as protecting God’s people, providing for them, proclaiming God’s truth, and carrying out God’s punishments. Fallen angels, on the other hand, incessantly carry out the role of deception and opposing God’s people and God’s plans. Obviously, as mere creatures, they never seriously throw the plan of God into question, but He does allow them to wreak havoc at times in order to strengthen our faith and accomplish his purposes in the world. The article concludes with some do’s and don’ts with respect to angels. In the next section we will deal with the issue of the spiritual battle and the forces of darkness.


    1. What is the nature of angels? How does this affect the way you view them?

    2. Why shouldn’t we pray to angels?

    3. What is the role of angels in our lives today?

    4. What is the nature of fallen angels and what is their “main goal in life”?

    5. Are fallen angels any real threat to God and his plans? Why or why not?

Scripture Memory Passage: Hebrews 1:13

Related Topics: Angelology, Discipleship

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