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Discipleship Track 1

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Track 1 (Carol)

Carol is a young Christian, or a Christian who has been orphaned (never been discipled or received any form of good teaching). Carol is hungry to grow. She is looking for someone to mentor her. She has been reading her Bible, but it seems so foreign. Carol needs to be grounded in some very basic things. First of all and most importantly, she needs to know who her ?daddy? is and what he has done for her. She needs to develop a habit of meeting with her Father to get to know him. She needs to understand who she is in Christ. She needs to have someone lovingly help her expose patterns in her life reflecting her old way of life and show her that these have been broken. It is also critical at this point that Carol experience a loving community in which her spiritual gifts are exercised, she sees true worshippers and honest struggling but victorious Christians. Carol should not abandon her old friends (unless they are harmful to her) but instead should be joined by the Christian community so that she can share her new found love with them.

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