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5. Joy in Unity

Philippians 2:1-11

Day One Study

1. Read Philippians 2:1-11. As Paul writes to his beloved church, he encourages them to be truly united in Christ. According to verse 1, what aspects of the Christian life make unity attainable?

2. Have you experienced any of these truths within the body of Christ? Select one of the above and share with your group what this means to you.

3. According to verse 2, what would make Paul’s joy complete?

4. In verses 3-4, we learn that our attitude towards others affects everyone around us and directly impacts the church. Contrast the sort of mindset that hinders unity with the mindset that promotes unity?

5. In what ways do you think women in general, or you specifically, might struggle with thoughts of “selfish ambition” or “vain conceit”?

Day Two Study

6. Read Philippians 2:1-11. According to Philippians 2:5, whose attitude are we to share?

7. In verses 5-11, Paul describes the attitude of our Lord Jesus Christ as the ultimate example of humility and selfless concern for others. According to verses 6-8, who is Jesus? (See also John 10:30.)

Scriptural Insight: The incarnation was the act of the preexistent Son of God voluntarily assuming a human body and human nature. Without ceasing to be God, he became a human being, the man called Jesus. He did not give up his deity to become human, but he set aside the right to his glory and power. (Life Application Study Bible)

Think About It: Although Jesus Christ was Himself the Creative Deity, by whom all things were made, as man He humbled Himself—set aside His divine prerogatives and walked this earth as man—a perfect demonstration of what God intended man to be—the whole personality yielded to and occupied by God for Himself. (Ian Thomas)

8. How did He view His deity during His time on earth?

9. Jesus’ love and concern for the human race resulted in His enduring a series of specific humiliations, culminating in a terrible death, otherwise termed His condescension. God ultimately rewarded Christ’s obedience by exalting Him. Using any resources available to you, define these words:

·         Condescend:

·         Exalt:

10. In the chart below, summarize and compare Jesus’ condescension and exaltation:

Jesus Actions (vv. 6-8)

Jesus Rewards (vv. 9-11)



11. Re-read Philippians 2:10-11. Also read Isaiah 45:23. How will every human being respond to the name of Jesus one day?

12. Your Joy Journey: How do you respond to the name of Jesus?

13. Your Joy Journey: Read Mark 10:45. Jesus’ motivation for living was to serve, not to be served, and to ultimately give His life as a ransom for many. How can you more fully demonstrate the attitude of Jesus in your:

·         Home?

·         Church?

·         Neighborhood?

14. Your Joy Journey: How do you think this week’s lessons concerning unity and the attitude of humility might relate to your knowing peace and joy in your own life?

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