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4. Jesus: God Permanently Clothed in Humanity

The Article: The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ


The world is unable to appreciate the real greatness of Jesus Christ. This is due to the fact that they are unable to comprehend his uniqueness. In this article, the author briefly discusses the uniqueness of Christianity among the world’s religions as well the uniqueness of Christ for Christianity and world history. Jesus was anticipated by the Old Testament, born in a unique way, his person is unique (both God and man), he lived a unique kind of life, was killed in a unique way (i.e., according to ancient prophecies), and his resurrection was unique. There has never been, nor will there ever be, another Jesus. There is only one…and he lives and reigns today.


    1. How important is the Biblical description of the person of Jesus Christ to Christianity? What would happen to Christianity if we were to change that?

    2. Does the uniqueness of Jesus imply that during his earthly ministry he was so different that no one could understand him at all?

    3. What does Jesus mean to you?

Scripture Memory Passages: John 1:1, 14

Related Topics: Discipleship, Incarnation

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