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1. Which Articles Should I Translate?

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Since YOU are the one doing the translating, here is our guidance and advice:

1. Choose any article on that you would like to translate. Perhaps you would like to translate something that would personally be of help to you in your life or ministry. Since you will be spending a bit of time working on this article you have the freedom to choose whatever article you would like to translate. 

2. If you would like suggestions or guidance we have prepared a listing of articles that we would really like to see made available in each language (see below for a web version of this list). This listing is also available in an Excel spreadsheet (in the Related Media for this article) if you would like a downloadale version (Readable in Microsoft Excel, or the freely downloadable program Open Office). It has links to each of the articles just like the version below. 

    A. In this list our first priority is "God's Plan of Salvation" by Hampton Keathley, III

    B. After that salvation message article, we would encourage you to pick one article from each of the categories listed in our spreadsheet to translate so that a variety of subjects are made available. This way we will not have, for instance, ten articles available on Bible study but none on Prayer. After each subject has a translated article in the new language we can go back and translate the "missing" articles. 

3. After picking an article to translate be sure to let us know which one you are working on so that we do not accidentally receive duplicate translations from different translators.

*PTSM # = Path to Spiritual Maturity + step number 

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