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Preface to Fundamentals of the Faith

Jesus accused the Pharisees of "straining gnats and swallowing camels" (Matthew 23:23-24). This was our Lord's way of graphically pointing out that the Pharisees had lost sight of what was really important. They would "strain" at very fine points of the truth and yet overlook the most important truths. For example, they would accuse Jesus of a technical violation of the law for healing a sick person on the Sabbath. The disciples of John the Baptist did the same thing. They became so focused on "their" ministry that they began to look upon Jesus as their competition, rather than as the glorious culmination of their ministry (John 3:22-36).

The disciples of our Lord did likewise. They were more interested in Jesus eating a meal than they were in the "harvest" of many souls (John 4:27-42).

Many are the times when a coach has to take his team aside and drill them on the fundamentals, because they are so easily forgotten. It is easy for us to become sidetracked, and to lose sight of what is basic and fundamental, isn't it? This series on "The Fundamentals of the Faith" is an attempt to refocus our attention on the things that are important. I would not say that this study is exhaustive, and that all of the fundamentals have been covered here. Nor would I say that every issue is equally fundamental.

There are some truths which, if denied, would make one a heretic. To deny certain fundamentals would be to deny the faith, delivered once for all to the saints. To deny "the eternal security of the saints" would not keep one from heaven, but it may make one's time on earth less fruitful.

The "Fundamentals of the Faith" are those truths which guide and govern our lives. They are the anchors of our faith. They are the standard by which we measure and weigh all other claims to truth. They are the basis for our priorities. They determine our eternal destiny as they should direct our earthly life. Let us think on these matters very carefully. May God guide us in our study of these most important matters.

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