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The Passion of Christ Family Devotionals

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Easter Sunday is a time to consider the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter season should also be a time to consider the events that occurred during the final week of Jesus’ life. The following studies will highlight events that all occurred during the period from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday. Each study is designed to take a family about 45 minutes to complete.

The format is easy. At the beginning of each study you will find the Scripture reference (using the NET Bible) and the key verse for the day. Read the passage together and follow the simple instructions given. For those who have the time and desire to dig deeper, additional passages to study are included. These sections are identified with the phrase ‘dig deeper.’ The studies are designed to be used one per day, Sunday to Sunday however, feel free to do as many or as few as your family has time for. Remember, the goal is to help you lead your family in a family devotion as you teach your children more about who Christ is and about His incredible love for us.

One final note: Each of these passages is very rich and it would take hours to do an exhaustive study of the passage. Rather than trying to cover much quickly, we have opted to focus on one or two truths from each passage. Your family will study a little something about the culture of the time, observe Jesus and also observe the people’s response to Jesus. You will then be asked to consider your response to Christ for any and all presentations of Christ require a response from the hearer. Included in each study is a family activity with a family activity sheet outlining instructions to help your family act upon what you have learned. May God richly bless your family as you seek to honor Him in leading your children in the study of His word.

Lessons in this Series

The recommended order in which to do these studies is as follows, one per day from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday.

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