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7. He Died?

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This must have been a sad and confusing day for Jesus’ followers. They had watched Him die the day before and now needed to bury Him. Joseph of Arimathea asked for Jesus’ body and Pilate ordered that it be given to him. Joseph wrapped the body in a clean linen cloth and placed it in his new tomb. He then rolled a big stone in front of the entrance to the tomb and went away (Matthew 27:57-61).

Today, in this quiet day, your family activity will be to match the OT prophecies that were fulfilled on the one day of Jesus’ death. Spend this day reflecting on all Jesus endured during the last few hours before His death knowing He endured it all because of His love for us. (Answers are on the bottom.)


1. Psalm 41:9


A. Luke 23:33


Betrayed by a friend


2. Zechariah 11:12


B. John 19:23, 24


Sold for 30 pieces of silver


3. Zechariah 13:7


C. Matthew 10:4


Forsaken by His disciples


4. Isaiah 53:5


D. Matthew 27:29


Wounded and bruised


5. Isaiah 50:6


E. John 19:28


Smitten and spit upon


6. Psalm 22:7, 8


F. Mark 14:50




7. Psalm 22:16


G. Matthew 27:26


Hands and Feet Pierced


8. Isaiah 53:12


H. Matthew 27:38


Crucified with thieves


9. Psalm 22:18


I. Matthew 26:15


Garments parted and lots cast


10. Psalm 69:21


J. Matthew 26:67


Suffered Thirst


Answers: 1-C; 2-I; 3-F; 4-G; 5-J; 6-D; 7-A; 8-H; 9-B; 10-E

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