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Resurrection Sunday/Easter Study Guide: Suggestions For Family Devotions Or A Small Group StudyBob Deffinbaugh03/22/2019
Easter [2018]: Jesus is Risen—So What? (Acts 25:23, 26:1-29)Steven Cole03/29/2018
Easter [2017]: Full Joy and Eternal Pleasure (Psalm 16)Steven Cole04/15/2017
Easter [2016]: When You See the Risen Lord (Revelation 1:9-20)Steven Cole03/25/2016
Easter [2015]: Permanent Joy (John 16:20-22)Steven Cole04/02/2015
Lesson 128: How Easter Helps Us Think Rightly About Everything (Luke 22:24-30)Daniel Bennett02/26/2015
Easter [2014]: Good News for Everyone (John 20 and 21)Steven Cole04/17/2014
Christ’s Resurrection Is The Foundation Of ChristianitySteven Cole09/30/2013
Easter [2013]: Defeating Doubt (John 20:1-10, 19-20, 24-31)Steven Cole09/19/2013
Easter [2011]: Hope for All Sinners (Mark 16:7)Steven Cole09/19/2013
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A few members in our church are being led to believe that it is wrong to celebrate Christmas and Easter with a musical and that we should be following the Feasts of the Old Testament and not the pagan holidays. Could you provide some insight?