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Discipleship Track 2

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Track 2 (John)

John is a growing Christian. He has been discipled perhaps a year. He understands the basic issues of his relationship with God and his position in Jesus Christ. He is beginning to experience victory over old habits. He has fallen in love with the church, but has not been dragged into a Christian ghetto leaving his unbelieving friends in the dust. Instead, he is actively involved with his old friends and has learned to build bridges in order to share his faith with them. John loves to worship God. He is consistently spending 15 minutes everyday reading the Bible and 10 minutes praying. John is still hungry to learn more about his God and to understand the Bible better. He hopes to become a leader in his cell church soon and will be starting as an intern. He is beginning to learn about his spiritual gifts and others in the church are encouraging him to exercise them.

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