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11. Satan: To Understand the Enemy and To Stand Firm against His Attacks

The Article: Survey of Bible Doctrine: Angels, Satan, Demons


Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about angels? After all, Hollywood has its own version of what angels are and do…and may God help us if they’re right! On the contrary, in this article we will survey the biblical doctrine of angels, both the elect or holy angels as well as those which are fallen, including Satan and his demons. We will touch on the fact of the existence of holy angels, as well as their nature, and their ministry. We will also talk about that great serpent and enemy of mankind and God himself, the Devil, or Satan. We will survey his existence, personality, and essential nature. We will outline for you his fall as well as his subsequent, destructive activity. We will do likewise for his demons.


    1. What is the essential nature of the holy angels and what are their ministries? What are some key passages for discussing angels?

    2. Discuss the personality of Satan? How do his names clearly reveal his nature?

    3. Explain the fall of Satan using the two critical biblical passages.

    4. What is the various aspects of Satan’s activity? How would you summarize his essential focus?

    5. Discuss the names and activities of demons?

The Article: Angelology: The Doctrine of Angels


This article covers a lot of the same ground as the previous article on angels, but from a different perspective. There is also much more information in general, including the number and organization of angels as well as the relationship of the angelic conflict to the problem of evil. This essay should help you clarify some of the issues raised in the previous article.


    1. What is the relationship between the angels and the problem of evil?

    2. How does the book of Job contribute to an understanding of this issue?

    3. What are some negative lessons we can learn from the angels?

    4. What are some positive lessons we can learn from the angels?

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