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4. Scripture Memory and Theology Plan: “Your Word Have I Hid in My Heart”

The Article: A Scripture Memory Program


This scripture memory program will take a person through all the major doctrines of the Christian faith including: (1) the Bible; (2) God; (3) Christ; (4) the Holy Spirit; (5) Angels: Good and Fallen; (6) Man and Sin; (7) Salvation; (8) the church; (9) End Times; (10) the Gospel. The most often discussed verses for each category are listed. The program is designed for every Christian, but it will be especially helpful to those who teach and share the gospel on a regular basis.


    1. Why memorize Scripture?

    2. Is memorization of Scripture the final goal or is it part of a larger process?

    3. Why is it important to read the context of the verse(s) you’re memorizing?

    4. What does it mean to meditate on Scripture?

    5. What is the best pace for memorizing Scripture?

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