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Lesson 53: The Bad Shepherd and the Good Shepherd (Matthew 23:13-39)David Anderson11/03/2014
Lesson 52: Big Shot Syndrome (Matthew 23:1-12)David Anderson11/03/2014
Separation Versus Cooperation: Some Thoughts on the Limits of Cooperation with Other Christians & with the WorldSteven Cole10/03/2013
Happy Holidays And Sound DoctrineSteven Cole10/01/2013
The Basis For Christian UnitySteven Cole09/20/2013
3. Calvin, Psychology, and MeSteven Cole09/11/2013
Lesson 54: Guarding the Flock (Acts 20:29-32)Steven Cole08/13/2013
Lesson 36: When Unity is Wrong (Acts 15:1-11)Steven Cole08/09/2013
Lesson 16: True Versus Counterfeit Christianity (Philippians 3:1-3)Steven Cole07/29/2013
Lesson 107: A Final Warning: Beware of False Teachers! (Romans 16:17-20)Steven Cole07/22/2013
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Is there a significance to Jesus folding the linen burial cloth after His resurrection?
What do you think of The Bible Code?
In the church I pastor a number of the congregation are sold on Bill Gothard’s approach to the Christian life, and I fear it may cause divisions in the church. Do you have any advice?