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Lesson 12: Resisting the Antichrists (1 John 2:21-27)

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The Apostle John gave his readers many firm warnings throughout his letter, but he would just as quickly turn around and reassure them of his confidence in their belief. In this portion of his communication, he reminded them of the continuity and connectedness between the Son and the Father and of the power of God’s hold on each of them, His anointed ones. Continuing to reflect on what John also writes about our confidence in this section, Pastor Daniel remarks, “I remain in Christ because of His anointing. No power can separate me from Him.” Having examined in the previous week the nature of antichrists as being deserters of the faith, he characterizes them next, showing from the text that such people are also deniers of the faith and deceivers of others.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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