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What do you think of The Bible Code?

I own a copy of The Bible Code and have looked into the claims of this book. Even if the code were to be true (and I do not believe that it is), the nature of the claims would in no way affect the sufficiency of the Scripture. The Bible would still be accurate and provide us with all we need for salvation and sanctification. The Bible code would simply be providing some kind of key for the last days.

The evidence, however, suggest that it is not true. The same kind of things have been done with Moby Dick. Check out the web site, Other web sites have written on this issue as well. Do a search for The Bible Code and you will see plenty of places dealing with it.

I began to question its validity when I noticed they were finding English words and names with the Hebrew consonants rather than Hebrew words, especially for Jewish names. Furthermore, Michael Drosnin advocates man’s ability, based on the so-called prophecies of the Code, to change the future.

Though I really do not know about this for sure, I have also been told it is always possible to find a kind of order or a series of random patterns within a chaotic system given enough possibilities. This is illustrated in the Moby Dick classic, as mentioned earlier.

Ultimately, the question is simply, “why do we need it?” God has spoken and His revelation is sufficient.

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