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Date Title Name
2021-02-08 Q. Is it medically safe to engage in ten days of total fasting monthly taking only water Bob Deffinbaugh
2018-11-06 Prayer And Fasting For Overcomers Colin McDougall
2016-09-30 21. มัทธิว บทเรียนที่ 21 “ทำไมพระเยซูไม่ปรับไปตามที่มนุษย์คาดหวัง หรือ ทำไมพระเยซูเลี้ยงฉลองในขณะที่คนอื่นๆอดอาหาร (มัทธิว 9:1-17) Bob Deffinbaugh
2013-09-03 Lesson 21: Fasting for the Bridegroom (Luke 5:33-39) Daniel Bennett
2012-03-21 3. Joseph: A Man Of Faith 3: God Meant It For Good Melanie Newton
2009-09-28 The Spiritual Feast of Fasting (Isaiah 58:1-12) Clifford Lopez
2007-08-07 Choose The Life Journey Bill Hull
2007-07-12 Appendix 2: Fasting In Scripture Kent Berghuis
2007-07-11 Appendix 1: Basil’s Sermons About Fasting Kent Berghuis
2007-07-10 Chapter 5: Toward A Contemporary Christian Theology Of Fasting Kent Berghuis
2007-07-09 Chapter 4: The Development Of Fasting From Monasticism Through The Reformation To The Modern Era Kent Berghuis
2007-07-06 Chapter 3: Fasting Through The Patristic Era Kent Berghuis
2007-07-05 Chapter 2: Fasting In The New Testament: Remembrance And Anticipation In The Messianic Age Kent Berghuis
2007-07-03 Chapter 1: Fasting In The Old Testament And Ancient Judaism: Mourning, Repentance, And Prayer In Hope For God’s Presence Kent Berghuis
2007-07-02 Introduction: Contribution and Methodology Kent Berghuis
2005-12-23 A Christmas Message in an Unexpected Text -- Fasting and the Incarnation (Isaiah 58-61; Matthew 2; Philippians 2:1-8) Bob Deffinbaugh
2004-10-21 21. Why Jesus Doesn’t Conform to Man’s Expectations or Why Does Jesus Feast when Others Fast? (Matthew 9:1-17) Bob Deffinbaugh
2004-05-27 4. Zechariah Part 2 - Oracles Concerning Hypocritical Fasting (7:1—8:23) Eugene H. Merrill
2004-05-21 The Disciplines of Prayer and Fasting A. Perry Hancock
2004-05-11 15. Mastering A Plan for Formal Time Together—Fasting Greg Herrick
2001-01-01 What does the Bible say about fasting? admin