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This study guide consists of 12 lessons covering the lives of 16 women in New Testament history. For those who are not familiar with the culture of the New Testament, each lesson begins with a brief “Historical Perspective” of the culture relevant to the lesson.

The lessons are divided into 4 daily sections that should take less than 20 minutes per day to complete. The goal is to help you establish a regular time of study in the Word for 5 days each week, considering your small group session to be one of those days.

The Basic Study

This study guide consists of 12 lessons. If you cannot do the entire lesson one week, please read the Bible passage(s) being covered.

Process of Bible Study: Each lesson includes core questions covering the narrative associated with each woman’s life. These core questions will take you through the process of inductive Bible study—observation, interpretation, and application. The process is more easily understood in the context of answering these questions:

  • What does the passage say? (Observation: what’s actually there)
  • What does it mean? (Interpretation: the author’s intended meaning)
  • How does this apply to me today? (Application: making it personal)

Questions identified as “Living Out His Love” lead you to introspection and application of specific truths to your life. In this series of lessons, the applications will also help you learn how to share your faith with others who need to know Jesus or need to know Him better. This is called “Disciplemaking.”

Study Enhancements

Deeper Discoveries (optional): Embedded within the sections are optional questions for further research of subjects we don't have time to cover adequately in the lessons or contain information that significantly enhance the basic study. If you are meeting with a small group, your leader may give you the opportunity to share your "discoveries.”

Study Aids: To aid in proper interpretation and application of the study, additional study aids are located where appropriate in the lesson:

  • Historical Insights
  • Scriptural Insights
  • From the Greek (definitions of Greek words)
  • Focus on the Meaning
  • Think About It (thoughtful reflection)

Living Out His Love

The Lord Jesus demonstrated in His life on earth how much He loved and valued women. He taught, forgave, accepted, and gave new life to them. Jesus was and is a lover of women’s souls. Because His care for them was so countercultural to what they had previously known, they responded with love for Him and a desire to serve Him. Many of them had walks of faith that brought challenges as well as times of joy. They focused on following Jesus and serving Him in their daily lives, sharing His love with others so they could benefit from Jesus’ great love for women, also.

Today, many women like you and I are longing for more direction in our walks of faith than attending a weekly Bible study and the annual Christmas brunch. That longing is a desire put in our hearts by God’s Spirit to fulfill the purpose we have while on earth serving the Lord Jesus in our daily lives. That purpose is to live for Him, experiencing His love for us, as we share His love with others around us.

Jesus is calling us! His commission to His followers to share the good news about Him with others is given to everyday people like you and I are, to be fulfilled in the everyday world in which each of us “lives and moves and has our being” (Acts 17:28). Since Jesus is the one calling you to join Him on mission everyday, then He will enable you to do what He asks you to do. And, it might even be fun!

Just relax, trust in Him, and begin an adventure that will transform your life and others as well. Are you ready for adventure?

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