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Q. Can You Give Me Some Biblical Teaching on Christian Marriage?


I just want to ask you if you have any collections of teachings on biblical marriage dynamics - especially wife’s submitting to the husband and the husband submitting to the LORD.


Dear Friend,

Let me begin by saying several things about this subject.

First, there have been too many abuses of the teaching of Scripture by those (men/husbands) who would use God’s Word and its teachings wrongly to justify domineering and dictatorial leadership. This is wrong!

Second, our culture is vehemently opposed to what the Scriptures do teach (and they often refer to abuses of this teaching to justify their rejection of God’s Word). Many are “rethinking” their understanding of Scripture on this matter because they will be branded as radical or out of touch for holding to biblical teaching and practice.

Third, I am one of those who has been branded as harsh and out of touch on this matter because I do hold to what the Scriptures clearly teach.

Fourth, those who seek to set aside the teaching of the Bible must go to great efforts in an attempt to prove that what the Bible clearly teaches is not what it clearly means.

Fifth, there are boundaries or limits to what submission requires, as we can see in the story of Abigail, Nabal, and David in 1 Samuel 25:

Sixth, I do not believe that a husband’s authority gives him the right to require his wife to violate her legitimate convictions (Romans 14).

Having said this, here are some resources that are found on for this subject:

  • (This is a series I have done, and lessons 7-12 are a fairly extensive study on church leadership, which does closely relate to God’s teaching about leadership in the home. Having said this, Ephesians chapter 5 is no doubt the primary text on this specific point, so I will give links to messages on this matter below).

An excellent series on Christian Marriage by Dr. Bill McRae:

Teaching by Steve Cole:

Teaching by Ken Boa:

Teaching I have done on Ephesians 5:

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