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Preface to Proverbs

Over the years I have come to greatly appreciate the Book of Proverbs, and have yet to meet a Christian who has found the Book of Proverbs to be boring or unprofitable. Many have found it to be the most useful study of their Christian experience.

My goal is not to teach through Proverbs as I have other books of the Bible, beginning at chapter 1 and ending with chapter 31. That would be nearly impossible to accomplish. Instead, I want to expose you to a sampling of the wisdom of Proverbs, hoping that you will make this book a life-long study. In this series of lessons I intend to provide you with a model for study by doing various character studies of the simple, the fool, the scoffer, the sluggard, and the wise.

When this series is finished, we will have only scratched the surface of the riches to be found in this book. From then on, the challenge will be yours.

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