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Lesson 98: The Tragic End of Materialism (Luke 16:19-31)

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The story Jesus told of the rich man (who goes unnamed) and the poor man named, “Lazarus,” gives us a chilling reminder of the shortness of this life’s present form and the consequences of our worship therein. It is so easy to get caught up trying to get ahead in the here and now, to live for what we choose to see, and to assume that tomorrow will simply be another day of the same. But Jesus presents us with a glimpse of the eternal state and the great divide that exists between those who live for separate kingdoms. Pastor Daniel encourages us in this message to think about our great need to “flee the materialism that abuses the poor and condemns your soul,” submitting to the Word of God and repenting of the areas of our life where materialism has taken hold.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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