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Lesson 97: What God has Joined Together (Luke 16:18)

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While continuing in this miniseries but turning once again more specifically to Luke 16:18, Pastor Daniel concludes by emphasizing throughout the sermon, “Marriage is a permanent, covenantal relationship…don’t divorce.” What the people of Jesus’s day were tempted to do is not all that different from what we attempt to accomplish today—find loopholes and the lowest expected standards and then pursue that path. Jesus, however, has always had so much more for us in marriage than this. Daniel speaks to people in a number of different life situations related to marriage, calling them to observe the same central principle just mentioned. He addresses 1) those who are not married, 2) those struggling in their marriages, 3) those who have decided to leave their marriage, 4) those who have been sinned against, and 5) those who have sinned by pursuing divorce.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

Related Topics: Divorce, Marriage

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