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Lesson 8: Christmas versus the Birth of the Savior (Luke 2:1-21)

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The birth of Jesus Christ as recorded in Luke 2 is a well-known account that is also commonly accompanied by its own set of fictional details, details that become part of the celebration and wonder that many grew up associating with this season. Because of this, we can sometimes lose sight of what God is trying to teach us through this important text. The good news proclaimed by the angels is what we would do well to carry with us, a message informing everyone that the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, in which full divinity was united with full humanity, is good news because it provides us peace with God. We hear in this statement a number of points to dwell on. Concerning the virgin birth, there is an urge to consider the humanity of the divine Christ who is able to identify with us. In reference to the “good news,” consideration is given to the fact that the birth of Jesus proclaims He is the focus of God’s sovereign plan of redemption. And finally, dwelling on the realization that through Christ we have the opportunity of peace with God, we are reminded of how Jesus’s coming to this earth is a proclamation of the salvation available to all.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

Related Topics: Christmas, Christology, Soteriology (Salvation)

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