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Introduction: "Acts" of the Holy Spirit

How to Use This Study Guide

Women today need bible study to keep balanced, focused and Christ-centered in their busy worlds. And they also need to interact with women of different ages and stages (Titus 2:3-5). This Bible study is designed to meet both needs. The study questions allow you to choose the study level that fits your lifestyle. And to provide even more flexibility, you may pick a different level each week depending on your schedule.

  • The A., B., C., D., “core” level questions require about an hour and a half weekly study time, yet provide a basic understanding of the text. For busy women, this level provides in-depth Bible study with a minimum time commitment. All level students are asked to complete the core questions.
  • The “digging deeper” level questions require outside resources such as an atlas, Bible dictionary or concordance. This level will challenge you to learn more about the history, culture, and geography. You will also be looking up parallel passages for additional insight.
  • The “summit” level questions are for those who want to probe the text even more. These questions grapple with complex theological issues and differing views. You are encouraged to investigate deeper by using an interlinear Greek-English text and Vine’s Expository Dictionary. Also you may create outlines, charts and essays in seminary style open-ended assignments. Some with teaching gifts and an interest in advanced academics will enjoy exploring the “summit.”

Choose a realistic level of Bible study—one you can stick with. You may want to finish the “core” level first, and then tackle the other levels as time permits. Take time to savor the questions, and don’t rush through the application. The key is consistency. And do not allow yourself to be intimidated by women who have more time or who are gifted differently from you. Make your Bible study, whatever level you choose, top priority. Consider spacing your study through out the week so that you can take time to ponder and meditate on what the Holy Spirit is teaching you. If you are meeting with a group, ask God to enable you to attend faithfully. Come with an excitement to learn from others and a desire to share of yourself and your journey. Give it your best, and God promises to join you on this adventure that can change your life.

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