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Content On: Pneumatology (The Holy Spirit)


Q. How does the Holy Spirit and filling work?Bob Deffinbaugh02/27/2021
Lesson 21: Not Quenching, but Discerning (1 Thessalonians 5:19-22)Steven Cole12/19/2016
Lesson 85: How the Holy Spirit Works (John 16:12-15)Steven Cole03/31/2015
Lesson 43: Rivers of Living Water—for You and from You (John 7:37-39)Steven Cole02/11/2014
Lesson 8: The Study of the Holy SpiritJames Davis11/08/2013
Lesson 3: The Study of GodJames Davis10/10/2013
Lesson 14: Why Religion Can’t Save You (John 3:1-7)Steven Cole10/09/2013
New Years [2013]: How to Know God’s Will (Acts 21:1-14)Steven Cole09/16/2013
New Years [2007]: Learning to Control Yourself (Galatians 5:22-23)Steven Cole09/16/2013
Lesson 1: A Heart After God’s Heart (1 Samuel 16 and 17)Steven Cole09/09/2013
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Question & Answers:

Jehovah Witnesses say that the Holy Spirit isn't a person because of the neuter gender in Greek. Can you respond?
How do we explain the obvious differences in the 'manifestations' of receiving the Holy Spirit then (Acts era) and now?
Were the Samaritans an illustration of a “second blessing”?
Are all or only some people “drawn” by the Holy Spirit?
Will we see the Holy Spirit in heaven?
Are events of the “baptism of the Holy Spirit” in the NT corporate?
How is the ministry of the Holy Spirit different in the Old and New Testaments?
Were the Samaritans believers before they received the Holy Spirit?
Is everyone or are only some “drawn” by the Holy Spirit?
Are there other passages that state, implicitly or explicitly, that the believer is indwelt by the Father and/or the Son?
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