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The following resources were used in the preparation of this Bible study.

1. After the Flood, Bill Cooper

2. Bones of Contention, Marvin Lubenow

3. Catastrophes in Earth History, Dr. Steven Austin

4. Creation magazine (various articles)

5. Dinosaurs, Design, Duane Gish

6. Earth Science for Christians Schools Teachers Edition, Bob Jones University

7. Frozen in Time, Michael Oard

8. Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe, Dr. Steven Austin

9. Life in the Great Ice Age, Michael Oard

10. NIV Study Bible, Zondervan

11. T.E.A.M. Training Course, Tim Stevenson,

12. The Answers Book and The New Answers Book, Ken Ham

13. The Beginning of the World, Dr. Henry Morris

14. The Genesis Flood, Morris and Whitcomb

15. The Genesis Record, Dr. Henry Morris

16. The Young Earth, Dr. John Morris

17. Thousands, Not Billions, the R.A.T.E. Project Team at Institute for Creation Research

18. Vines Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words

19. (various articles)

20. (various Acts & Facts articles)

21. (various articles)

22. (“Capital Punishment “article)

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