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22. CONSUMMATION: Restoration, Part 4

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A Possible Timetable For The End

As Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians, believers (living and those who have already died) will be “raptured” or “caught up” to meet Christ in the air when the time comes that God has predetermined and then go to heaven to be with Christ in new glorified, heavenly bodies. It is generally believed that a 7-year period of tribulation involving extreme deception, wars, and suffering will either follow or somehow be associated with the rapture of believers. Some people still on earth will become Christians during this time.

At the end of the 7-year period, Christ will gloriously return to earth as He promised, setting up His kingdom on earth with Jerusalem as His capital. Those who become believers during the Tribulation period will be given resurrection bodies and, along with the raptured believers, will rule with Christ on the earth. From Revelation 20, we determine that Satan will be bound for one thousand years (often called “The Millennium”) as Christ reigns on the earth. Worship will center at the Temple in Jerusalem. There will be worldwide peace between mankind and even among animals. Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord but still not all will believe in Christ because man’s sin nature has not been removed. At the end of the 1000 years, Satan will be freed and will lead unbelievers against Christ but will be defeated and cast into the lake of fire.

There will then be a resurrection of all the unsaved from throughout the ages who will be judged as sinners and cast into the lake of fire. God will then create a new heaven and new earth…

Day One Study

1. Reviewing from last lesson. Why do you think God wants to create a new heaven and a new earth?

2. When you were a child, what did you imagine heaven to be like?

3. As an adult, what do you imagine heaven to be like?

4. Whom are you expecting/hoping to see there?

Read Revelation 21:1-27.

5. Have you ever wanted to throw out all your clothes and go shopping, and get everything new? Well, God does just that. What does God declare in Revelation 21:5?

6. Focus on 21:1-4. Write down all that happens in these four verses.

7. What could the advantage be to not having any seas? [Note: some suspect seas are referring to inland seas between land areas like the Mediterranean Sea, not the oceans in total.]

8. So, where will we, believers, spend eternity?

Day Two Study

“Everything Old Is New Again” — Restoration Complete!

9. Read Revelation 21:9-27. Describe the New Jerusalem—either through words or drawings.

10. Imagine and describe what it will be like for you to live there in the city with God as well as going forth from the city to places on the new earth. (God gives us the description so it is okay! In fact, He wants us to think about that glorious place which will be our future home!!)

11. Discuss the information given to us in Revelation 21:23 and 22:5. See also Genesis 1:3.

12. Read Revelation 22:1-21. Reference is made (verses 1-5, 14,19) to the Tree of Life again. What further information is given about it? See also Joel 3:18.

13. Does this information help you to understand the role of the Tree of Life in Eden? How?

Appreciation Application:

14. Read Genesis 32:30, Exodus 3:6; 33:18-23. Now read Revelation 22:4. At last after all this, we will be able to look at God’s face. Why will we be able to do this? Support your answer with scripture such as Titus 3:4-7 plus any other verses you can find.

Day Three Study

Appreciation Assignment:

15. Thinking back through this entire study:

·         In what ways will you apply/have you applied this study to your life?

·         In what ways have you seen that what we see in God’s World agrees with what we read in God’s Word?

Deeper Discoveries:

·         Go to and SEARCH anything related to the new heavens and new earth. Select an article to read or watch a video. Also visit and search.

·         Go to and SEARCH anything related to heaven, the new heavens and the new earth. Select an article to read.

Praise God for His Future Plans for You!!!

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