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13. Resurrection and Post-resurrection Ministry (40 Days)

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Spring A.D. 30


    The Earthquake

Matthew 28:2-4

    The Women Enter the Tomb

Matthew 28:5-8

Mark 16:2-8

Luke 24:1-8

John 20:1

    The Women Report to the Apostles

Luke 24:9-12

John 20:2-10

Step 65: Joseph’s Tomb to the Ascension

    1st Resurrection Appearance

      Jesus Appears to Mary

Mark 16:9-11

John 20:11-18

    2nd Resurrection Appearance

      Jesus Appears to the Other Women

Matthew 28:9-10

      Confusion among the Guards

Matthew 28:11-15

Sunday Afternoon

    3rd Resurrection Appearance

      The Appearance on the Road to Emmaus

Mark 16:12-13

Luke 24:13-32

    4th Resurrection Appearance

      Report from Emmaus

Luke 24:33-35

    5th Resurrection Appearance

      Appearance to the Disciples

Mark 16:14

Luke 24:36-43

John 20:19-25

Sunday, One Week Later

    6th Resurrection Appearance

      Jesus’ Encounter with Thomas

John 20:26-31

    7th Resurrection Appearance

      Appearance to the Seven beside the Sea of Galilee

John 21:1-25

    8th Resurrection Appearance

      The Great Commission

Matthew 28:16-20

      Appearance to the 500

1 Corinthians 15:6

    9th Resurrection Appearance

      Appearance to James

Mark 16:15-18

1 Corinthians 15:7

    10th Resurrection Appearance

      Final Appearance and Instruction

Luke 24:44-49

Acts 1:3-8

      The Ascension

Mark 16:19-20

Luke 24:50-53

Acts 1:9-12

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