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The Coming of the Christ

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Table of Contents

Lesson 1: The Importance of the Incarnation

The Purposes of the Incarnation
The Importance of the Principle of Incarnation
The Importance of the Implications of the Incarnation

Lesson 2: The Spirit of Christmas

The Response of the Righteous

Lesson 3: The Spirit of Christ (Philippians 2:1-13)

The Attributes of Christ and the Incarnation
The Attitude of Christ and the Incarnation

Lesson 4: Personal Implications of the Incarnation (Part 1) Philippians 2:5-18

Incarnation is a Principle
Incarnation is a Principle Which Applies to Every Christian
Necessary Distinctions
Application of the Principle of Incarnation

(1) Incarnation necessitates godly conduct
(2) Incarnation necessitates taking the Word of God seriously.
(3) Incarnation requires us to abolish unbiblical distinctions between what is “sacred” and what is “secular.”
(4) Incarnation Is Miraculous
(5) Incarnation is a Mystery.

Lesson 5: Implications of the Incarnation (Part 2) Philippians 2:1-18

The Principle of Incarnation and the Church
The Practice of Incarnation in the Church

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