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Bible Book Study Guide - Ecclesiastes

Introductory Survey Of The Book  

These can be very helpful in gaining a sense of the overall message and emphasis of the book

Bill McRae: "Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon" [Audio]
From The Series: “Survey of the Bible”

Imanuel Christian:  “On Wings of Eternity (Ecclesiastes)” [Text, Word]
From the Series: “From Creation to the Cross” [Text, Word]


Usually this is the systematic exposition of a biblical text in the form of a sermon, and is usually part of a larger series of messages on that book.

Keith Krell: “The Good Life:  Ecclesiastes”  [Text, Word, Audio] (17 part series, covering all of Ecclesiastes – includes an overview of the book) 

Aaron Sturgill: “Ecclesiastes” [Text] (8 lessons plus introduction; expanded outline, not full text)
First lesson (introduction) begins here.


There is more emphasis on the details and difficulties of a passage than on explaining the text, its meaning and application in the form of a sermon. Thus, you will likely not find teh introductions, illustrations, and applications that you would in an expository message.

Bob Utley: “Wisdom Literature:  The Mysterious Books of Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs” [Text, PDF] (12 lessons – one for each chapter -- plus introduction)
First lesson begins here.

Devotional Studies

David Colburn: “Ecclesiastes, 1 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Proverbs (Solomon Reflects)”
From the Series: “The Old Testament (Chronological, 52 week)”

Women's Studies

None available for this topic

Children's Studies

None available for this topic

Study Helps

Tom Constable: Constable’s Expository Notes on Ecclesiastes [PDF] Also available in our Bible study Tool under the Constable's Notes Tab

David Malick: “An Introduction the The Book of Ecclesiastes”
“An Argument of the Book of Ecclesiastes”
“Selected Bibliography of the Book of Ecclesiastes”

Bob Utley: “Introduction to Hebrew Poetry”
“Introduction to Wisdom Literature”

J. Hampton Keathley III: “The Poetical Books” [Word, Text]
From the Series: “Concise Old Testament Survey”

M. James Sawyer: "The Theology of Ecclesiastes" [Text, Word]


These are articles or messages on a specific issue or text related to this book of the Bible.

Jeff Miller:  “The Hazards of Discontentment” [Text (abstract), Word (study note page and discussion questions), Audio]
From the Series: “Occupational Hazards of Being a Man”

Dan T. Lioy: “Life and Death in Biblical Perspective: An Examination of Genesis 5, Ecclesiastes 1, and 1 Corinthians 15:50-58” [Text, Word]

Other Resources  

These are additional related resources, some of which come from other trusted sources.

**Ray Stedman (Peninsula Bible Church): “The Inspired Book of Error” [Text, PDF, Audio, Translation] (One lesson overview of the Book of Ecclesiastes)
“Things That Don’t Work: Ecclesiastes” [Text, PDF, Audio, Translation] (Eleven part series on the book of Ecclesiastes.)

**Steve Zeisler (Peninsula Bible Church): “Seek And You Shall Find” [Text, Study Questions, PDF, Audio] (Seven part series from 2010 approaching Ecclesiastes from the perspective of the Sermon on the Mount)
“7 Messages (on Ecclesiastes)” [Text, PDF] (series from 1988)


**Recommended resource from another trusted Website

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