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Purpose of the Teachers of Prayer Fellowship

  • To encourage ourselves in the teaching of life’s greatest privilege -- prayer.
  • To promote the teaching of prayer in Churches, Bible Colleges, and Seminaries.
  • To identify and encourage production of literature for the purpose of teaching prayer.
  • To provide resource material for leaders of prayer meetings.
  • To train those desiring to be leaders of prayer meetings.
  • All for the increase of the quantity and quality of prayer in the lives of God’s people.

We have the “theological” society the “missiological” society the “homiletics” society and on goes the list. But, prayer has been neglected needs. It needs to be taught as the indispensable foundation to every Christian discipline. So, it seems appropriate to have a society for those concerned about the teaching and experiencing of prayer. Our Lord, John the Baptist and Paul were teachers of prayer and so should we teach, lead, and exhort others to pray.

Prayer and ministry of the Word of God should be the main areas of local church ministry and are the chief ways in which the Holy Spirit works. We believe that prayer is under valued, insufficiently practiced and minimally taught in our Christian experience today. Prayer is all the more important when we realize how it supports preaching of the Word, evangelism, missions and all other Christian endeavor.

As a society, or fellowship, promoting the teaching of prayer in our churches, colleges and seminaries we hope to increase the understanding of our responsibility to pray and it’s role in the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Teachers of Prayer Fellowship is an informal association of those who have an interest in motivating believers in practicing prayer in their daily lives of. This includes teachers in the academic world and ministers and lay people in the church world. If you have material that you would like to share with others concerning the teaching and promoting of prayer you may e-mail us copies of the material and it will be considered for inclusion on this web site.

For more information contact: Bob Hill


Discipleship and Spiritual Transformation Alliance, Bob Howey

Spiritual Formation Forum, Dick Averbeck

Spiritual Formation Study Group, John Coe

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North American Mission Board, Chris Schofield


It can easily be shown that all want of success, and all failure in the spiritual life and in Christian work, is due to defective or insufficient prayer.
The Kneeling Christian

No form of Christian service is both so universally open to all and so high in Christ’s priority for all Christians as prevailing prayer.
Mighty Prevailing Prayer
, Wesley Duewel

Prayer is a sacred and appointed means to obtain all the blessings that we want, whether they relate to this life or the life to come. Shall we not know how to use the means God has appointed for our own happiness?
A Guide to Prayer,
Isaac Watts, 170

Prayer does not equip us for greater works–prayer is the greater work.
Oswald Chambers

Without its biblical principles being taught, prayer is unstable. Without our “catching” the principles by applying them to our lives, it is sterile.
The Arena of Prayer
, Ben Jennings

Teachers of Prayer Fellowship

Dick Averbeck

    Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Spiritual Formation Forum
    Richard Averbeck [email protected]

Joel Beeke

John Coe

    Talbot School of Theology, The Institute for Spiritual Formation,
    ETS Spiritual Formation Study Group
    John Coe [email protected]>

Thomas Constable

Dan Crawford

John Franklin

Norman Goos

Perry Hancock

Bob Hill

David Livingston

Roger Peugh

Bruce A. Pickell

Oliver Price

Jim Rosscup

Chris Schofield

Aida Spencer

William Spencer

Janice Strength

Judy TenElshof

David Talley

Tony Twist

Don Whitney

James Wilhoit

Michael J. Wilkins

Wallace Williams

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