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“The fact that the NET Bible (NT) explains itself with a wealth of detailed notes discussing matters of accuracy allows the translators to focus more on readability and eloquence in the translation without inadvertently misleading the reader about the original text. Other translations wrestle with the tension between accuracy, readability, and eloquence in the translation alone, but the NET Bible's notes have given the translators a legitimate shot at consistently balancing all three objectives. Detailed notes also ensure that every English reader can profit from reading the NET Bible (NT), regardless of the version he or she presently prefers. The NET Bible (NT) helps the reader understand why other translations read the way they do.”

J. Ed Komoszewski
Christian Research Journal
(Vol. 23, No. 2)

“One of the newest translations of the New Testament, a very ambitious work by twenty anonymous scholars, is called the NET Bible: New English Translation, (1998). It is not to be confused with the New Evangelical Translation, (NET, 1992), or the New English Bible (NEB, 1970). The NET Bible was originally (and still is) available on the Internet, and may be downloaded for free distribution. It is now also available in book form as a beautiful, hefty 843-page paperback volume. Besides containing a ‘translation that explains itself,’ it has an astounding 16,025 footnotes, consisting of ‘textual critical,’ ‘translator’s,’ and ‘study’ notes! A 10-page ‘Detailed Table of Contents’ adds to the usefulness of this unique translation. The Old Testament is presently in process of completion.”

William E. Paul
Editor, Bible Collectors’ World
(Vol. 15, No. 2, April-June 1999)

Praise for the NET-Novum Testamentum Graece New Testament:


“The NET Bible - Novum Testamentum Graece New Testament is a markstone in biblical scholarship. I wish this edition to be not only in the hands of scholars but also of all pastors around the world who have a training in New Testament Greek.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Hengel
University of Tuebingen


“The publishers of the NET Bible have produced an important contribution to students of New Testament Greek in joining the most recent edition of the Nestle Greek text with their excellent translation. Those familiar with the NET Bible are already aware of the excellent value of its footnotes providing the reader the the translators’ rationale for their English rendering. Now we also have a textual commentary with the NET Bible diglot to explain much of the textual decisions of the Greek text. I highly recommend this book to New Testament students.”

H. Wayne House
Distinguished Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
Faith Seminary
Tacoma, WA

Endorsements by editors and translators of other Bible translations:

“The translators’ notes, study notes, and text-critical notes (over 60,000 notes altogether) alone are worth the price of the NET Bible. In our work on the fully revised NIV Study Bible of 2002, the TNIV, and the TNIV Study Bible, we consulted the NET Bible notes and were often helped by them. Kudos!”

Kenneth L. Barker
General Editor,
NIV Study Bible and TNIV Study Bible


“The extensive and reliable notes in the NET Bible were a wonderful help to our translation team as we worked to prepare the English Standard Version.”

Wayne Grudem
Member, Translation Oversight Committee, ESV
Research Professor of Bible and Theology
Phoenix Seminary
Scottsdale, AZ


Endorsements by Christian leaders:

“There are many wonderful things I could say about the NET Bible, but the most important is this: the NET Bible is a Bible you can trust. The translation is clear, accurate, and powerful. And the notes, those wonderful notes! They bring to the layman scholarly insights and discussions that have up till now been accessible only to those trained in the biblical languages. If you are serious about studying Scripture, get a copy of the NET Bible.”

Chuck Swindoll
Dallas Theological Seminary

“The complaint I hear from many Christians is that some of the translations of the Bible are too wooden. They are grammatically correct, but don’t seem to convey the passion of the writer. On the flip side, some paraphrases and translations convey the passion of the writer at the cost of an accurate translation. The NET Bible is the best of both worlds. The notes are helpful to the scholar and the lay person alike. This is the Bible for the next millennium.”

Tony Evans
Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Dallas, TX

“The NET Bible New Testament is faithful to the original Greek. It is a refreshing and radical departure from previous translations of the Bible into English. It includes extensive translators' notes explaining and defending the translation and showing other options for handling difficult passages. The translators' notes, along with the study notes and textual notes, form an excellent resource for pastors, teachers, and students of the Bible. Yet the translation itself is still easy to read and understand, well suited for pulpit use as well as personal reading and study. Highly recommended!”

Howard G. Hendricks
Distinguished Professor
Chair, Center for Christian Leadership
Dallas Theological Seminary

“The NET Bible is ingenious. Its continuously updated translation, supported by an array of quality footnotes on the original languages, will be an invaluable resource for pastors, missionaries and well-trained laymen. Bringing instant access to the best research with just a few clicks, the NET Bible has truly brought a visionary form to a timeless function. It’s a great step in the Church's preparation for the next millennium.”

Gene Getz
President, Center for Church Renewal
Pastor Emeritus, Fellowship Bible Church North
Plano, TX


Endorsements by biblical scholars:

“No other New Testament translation offers more complete explanation of how the English rendition corresponds to the Greek original--most helpful for serious students of the New Testament.”

Raymond E. Brown (1928 - 1998)
formerly Auburn Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies
Union Theological Seminary, NYC

“This Bible is a triumph: a straightforward and accurate translation that is also elegant. The annotations are much fuller and more helpful than in other popular translations, and the production of a constantly-improving electronic text brings Bible reading and Bible study into the new millennium.”

Philip R. Davies
Professor, Department of Biblical Studies
The University of Sheffield

“This is an excellent tool, a model of conciseness. It should be useful for students, translators, and those preparing to teach or preach in the church.”

William R. Farmer
Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University
Research Scholar, University of Dallas

“The footnotes of the NET Bible New Testament provide an invaluable resource for people who want to know the main questions of text, translation, and interpretation that scholars discuss. Given the richness of detail on these questions, nobody will agree with all the answers given here; but the answers stay on the map of well-respected positions, and other answers get an eminently fair shake. ‘Take up and read.’ There’s nothing on the market quite like it.”

Robert H. Gundry
Kathleen Smith Professor of Religious Studies
Westmont College

“I am impressed with the quantity and quality of the notes in the NET Bible. Notes in most study Bibles are rather limited, but these in the NET Bible, by contrast, are like having a mini-commentary along with the text itself. …One…project I am working with now is the Haitian Creole Study Bible, and I plan to give these translators copies of the NET Bible as an additional resource to use in preparing the study Bible in their own language. I also intend to make sure that my colleagues working in other parts of the world know about the NET Bible. It can be a valuable resource for us also, as well as the translators with whom we work.”

Roger L. Omanson
Inter-regional Translation Consultant, United Bible Societies;
formerly Associate Professor of New Testament Studies
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“The NET Bible NT is both a helpful translation and a significant resource to assist in understanding issues of textual criticism and exegetical importance.”

Klyne Snodgrass
Paul W. Brandel Professor of New Testament Studies
North Park Theological Seminary

“An accurate, easy to understand translation supported by thorough documentation...I find it an excellent translation and I am able to endorse it wholeheartedly.”

John F. Walvoord (1910 - 2002)
former President and Chancellor
Dallas Theological Seminary

“One word that I would use for the NET Bible is ‘accessible.’ The translators have worked hard to make recent biblical scholarship available through a readable translation and extensive notes, and the publisher is serious about making the NET Bible available on the internet for the right price--free.”

Joel F. Williams
Bible Faculty
Columbia International University, Columbia, SC

“I heartily endorse the NET Bible. It is an exciting new way to interface computer technology with biblical scholarship in an attractive and informative style. It is easy to access and user-friendly.”

Ronald D. Witherup, S.S.
formerly Academic Dean and Professor of Sacred Scripture
St. Patrick Seminary, Menlo Park, CA

A translation project which admirably blends the concern for readability, a clear statement of the idea of the passage and careful attention to the details of the original languages. It is a wonderful study Bible for those who want to understand the details of the passage and work with them so as to draw their own conclusions. A valuable translation for any student of the teaching of God’s Word.

Daniel E. Buck
Assistant Professor of NT/Theology
Briercrest Bible College, Carenport, SK

“This is a very unique contribution for students of the Bible. It provides the non-Greek student with an excellent translation and insight into why the text results in a certain English reading. The specialist is provided with options and the most persuasive evidence for certain difficult decisions. It will be helpful to all who must render into any modern language the ancient biblical text.”

Daniel S. Steffen
Professor of New Testament
Seminario Teologico Centroamericano SETECA
(Central American Theological Seminary)

“I highly recommend The New English Translation New Testament (NET Bible NT) for anyone wishing to understand the New Testament better. It is faithful to the Greek from which it is translated and it is written in natural, readable English. Over 16,000 footnotes provide a wealth of information on the translation itself, the history, culture, geography, grammar, and other aspects of the NT which help to clarify this ancient text for the modern reader. It may be that a more valuable, concise, and accessible resource for understanding the NT is not to be found elsewhere. Oh, yes--and you cannot beat the price!”

Joseph D. Fantin
M.A. in Linguistics, Michigan State University
Th.M., Ph.D. in Biblical Studies (NT), Dallas Theological Seminary
Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, The University of Sheffield


Endorsements by pastors and missionaries:

“The NET Bible strikes a delicate balance between being accurate to the original biblical texts and understandable to the modern English reader. The translators have accomplished this both through their choice of words and grammatical structure and through the extensive set of footnotes they have provided. I heartily recommend it to all students of the Bible.”

Clay Porr
Campus Minister
Princeton Evangelical Fellowship
Princeton University

“I highly recommend the NET Bible, especially to missionaries with no tools in the field. In my ministry in India, I came across hundreds of village pastors with a torn Bible in their hands--that was their only tool. They have no commentaries, no concordances, no grammar helps, no cross references. What a change the NET Bible can make in those bare hands. I hope and pray more NET Bibles will be available to those village pastors in India.”

Andrew B. Spurgeon
Help for Christian Nationals, Inc.

“Lake Ridge Bible Church continues to enjoy the use of the NET Bible in our Sunday worship services and personal Bible reading. We greatly appreciate the work and effort of so many who are putting together this excellent work.”

Larry Murray
Associate Pastor
Lake Ridge Bible Church
Mesquite, TX

“I find that having people in my congregation that bring the NET Bible to church forces me to make sure I do my homework in the Bible text. Because of the large amount of notes and the complex issues addressed in the notes, I cannot become lazy. People read the NET Bible notes as we go through the Scriptures. When it comes to discussion time, they often ask questions concerning where my conclusion differs from the conclusion presented in the NET Bible notes! The end result is a preacher that is more Biblically-literate and a congregation that is more Biblically-literate.”

Glenn L. Weaver
Grace Community Church
Golden Valley, MN



Endorsements by seminary students:

“I am a student at the Baptist Bible Graduate School of Theology in Springfield, MO. I just wanted to let you know what a tremendous help the NET Bible has been in my Greek and Hebrew studies. The translator’s notes are easy to understand and logical in their conclusions. I have received my copy of the printed version of the NT, and I look forward to getting the OT as well.”

--Brian Longest

“...As a fourth-year seminary student, I am thrilled to have the NET translation. Throughout my education, I have been torn between using two types of Bibles. More literal translations, which seek to accurately portray the actual words and word order of the original Greek and Hebrew, often fail to reflect what the text means in today’s terms. More dynamic translations tend to speak in today’s language, but I often wonder how accurate they really are. The NET Bible offers me the best of both worlds--it is accurate, yet beautifully written in today’s language. And the extensive footnotes give me an honest look at difficult passages and alternate translations...”

--Sarah Bourgeois

“...The NET Bible is a tremendous resource. I have used its notes as a prepare Sunday school classes, sermons and Bible studies. The philosophy behind the notes is revolutionary and they have blessed my heart and mind deeply. This Bible is a beautiful translation and at the same time easy to understand. As a Hispanic, I can say that this Bible will bless many not only in the English speaking world but also people in the rest of the world whose primary language is not English. It is worth having one in your library!”

--Reinaldo Medina F.

“...This new translation with notes is especially helpful for seminary students like myself who are pressed for time and need a quick overview of the translation and exegetical issues surrounding a particular text. This translation has done a great job of being as faithful to the original text as possible without sacrificing clarity of expression or readability. The notes have gone over and above what one could expect, or even wish for, in a study Bible...”

--Brian Rombough

Endorsements by readers: [look here for more user feedback]

"I appreciate the ministry of You're blessing immeasurable numbers of people all over the world and drawing them closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. WHAT AN AWESOME THING!!! Thank you so much."

“I absolutely love your site. I've been studying the bible 18 years. I found your site a couple months ago and it has been so helpful in deepening my understanding of the scriptures. This has become one of my top 3 resources. Kudos and to God be the Glory.”

“The bible studies on the various books of the bible are absolutely wonderful. They have been a great blessing to me while doing bible study and it is the best that I have come across on the Internet…”

“No other site has been as much help and blessing as this great treasure of truth.”

“This is MY Bible! This is the best Bible I have ever read or used. I use it all the time because it is a superior translation and the notes are excellent and the most useful. This Bible surpasses any of the translations I have on my overstuffed shelf and it is never on the shelf because I am constantly reading and pondering it. It's clear, readable, and most scholarly. I cannot thank you people enough for making this translation available”

“The day God led me to your site was indeed a happy day for me! is the finest Christian site on the web today.... I could not possibly write a letter like this without praising the NET Bible. I printed out the preliminary version, had it bound and graduated it to my primary reader. It is without a doubt, the most accurate and best commented Bible I’ve seen. Once again my compliments on a job well done.”

“I have just been browsing the NET Bible...I have looking at my favorite, book Romans. It is magnificent, what an outstanding job you all have done on this! It is readible but accurate, scholarly without being to difficult and the notes are great insights for those of us without the advantage of knowing the original languages. I am more than impressed, I am down right anxious to get my little hands on the printed version and bring it to bear in my everyday use and study of the Word. What a blessing it will be, God is just to good.”

“I wanted to compliment those responsible for the NET Bible; I think it’s wonderful... especially a wonderful ‘jumping off point’ for study, even if I (or anyone) doesn’t fully agree with all text or commentary. It’s just GREAT. I find myself using it more and more. I wish I’d have done that! I simply love it!!!”

“...The NET Bible is an exciting development. There is so much that will help us in our walk with God and as we seek his leading to Bible College and into ministry. God Bless you in your work. Be encouraged!”

“...I just wanted to let you know how refreshing it has been to use the NET Bible in teaching the Adult Sunday School lessons at my church. I have enjoyed reading the book of Nehemiah in preparation for the lessons and using portions of it during class.”

“...As a woman’s Bible study teacher for over fifteen years, and a high school Bible teacher for three, I have found the NET Bible to be a tremendous asset to my recent preparations. I appreciate the extensive footnotes that provide pertinent material for in-depth study. The accuracy of the translation and readability of the text makes it a wonderful tool for any Bible student...”

“I have been reading my copy of the The NET Bible New Testament.... I have spent several hours enjoying it, and I must say, to put it simply, I love it! The text is very readable and flows quite nicely. But the gold is in the notes; they are fantastic! It is everything I have always wanted in a study Bible.”

“I’ve just discovered the NET Bible. My first impression was what a silly idea, because the Bible on disk is so common. But when I delved into it, I was really impressed! I’ve bookmarked the NET Bible.... Brilliant! Thank you!”

“...Scripture passages that I committed to memory years ago became more clear to me when I read them in the NET translation. In reading the NET text and the detailed footnotes, it is obvious that a great deal of thought has gone into choosing terminology that conveys appropriate meaning to the average English reader, while also staying true to the original text...”

“...The NET Bible is eminently readable and very understandable. The notes explaining a translator’s choices, and why the NET translators made their particular choice, are very helpful to a student of the Bible who is unschooled in its original languages. I highly recommend it...”

“...As accuracy and readability are so important in Bible Study, we appreciate The Net Bible. The footnotes give added clarity and insight. The Net Bible is a wonderful aid to those who are serious about the study of God’s word.”

“...I recently purchased a NET Bible New Testament, and I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think it is. It is what I’ve looked for for years: a book full of detailed translation notes for the New Testament. I can’t say enough good about it. Anyway, great, great, great! That’s all I want to say....May the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who GLORIOUSLY raised Christ from the dead by the Holy Spirit bless you all richly in Christ Jesus and reward you for all your hard work in service of the Master!”

“...Today I discovered the NET Bible translation on your web site. It’s very nice and easy to understand, also for people who don’t have English as their native language. God bless you with this project.”

“...I’ve been enjoying reading this translation. It’s easy to read... it actually makes sense. I also enjoy the footnotes which are generously used, and often contain the Greek words. I especially enjoy the use of Greek-related footnotes since I’m currently studying Greek.”

“G’day… I am just writing to tell you that I love the NET Bible. A most worthwhile and interesting project. Thank you to all who are working on it. I love the footnotes...” (from Australia)

“I like the NET Bible and the way that there are footnotes specifying which ancient authorities render a given passage in a given way. I find the many translations which say ‘Other ancient authorities,’ etc., are not very helpful!”

“...I’m happy to know an updated translation is in the works that emphasizes both accuracy and readability. I'm anxiously waiting for its completion!”

“...Many, many thanks for making a Bible available online!”


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