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Please never quit publishing the NET Bible! It is a fantastic Bible, one I trust and use constantly, and one I keep recommending over and over again. It's getting harder to find, and even though it isn't selling like the more popular Bibles today, it is miles ahead of them and serves a great need in the body of Christ. In fact, I have it on my wishlist for each of my 4 daughters! I love this Bible and have studied extensively from the NASB, ESV, NKJV, and NIV. This is my favorite, and I was introduced to it during a study by Beth Moore on the book of James. Keep it coming!

I blog for my church staff and reviews, so I will put in a major plug in the coming days as well. I do really love the IOS  app as well! I will be sure to share more regularly on Facebook as well. I have many Muslim friends with whom I share info about the NET. They are curious about our faith and want free access. The best thing about the NET is not only the translation, but the fact that is available for free! I have Atheist friends I have shared this information with as well because they do not understand why Bible publishing arms don't offer the Bible for free. Thanks again!      Cassandra


"I have not read a bible in years. I want to sincerely thank you for making the bible 21st century user friendly. I have downloaded it to my computer, double spaced it for ease of reading, highlight passages that are important to me, and increased font size so i can read it comfortably in my computer chair. This effort will open the bible to youth who would have never read the bible. bless you.

Strength and Valor"
- Jason W.
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